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Exponential change is our new reality. The pace, scale, reach, and the potential impacts of the underlying drivers of change are extraordinary and represent both challenge and opportunity to individuals, public sector organisations, not-for-profit, and commercial enterprises alike.


Informing Choices is an insights business specialising in futures and foresight. All of our work is designed to help individuals, organisations, and event delegates make informed choices about the emerging future.


We work with drivers of future change in order to create ideas and scenarios that can deliver insights to the individuals and organisations that want to consider and create a better future. We do this through creating thought provoking keynote speeches and presentations, executive education events, horizon scanning studies, and providing strategic support.


For more information email us at steve@informingchoices.com.

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Every week we add articles and/or videos that explore the future across one or multiple domains. From written articles to our Foresight Video Shorts - compilations of short videos that explore fascinating emerging technologies - to our most recent video that re-visits the notion of a Very Human Future, highlighting the 12 critical enabling factors that can lead us into a human centred future. Click here to view all our articles and videos.

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