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Steve Wells is the founding Director of Informing Choices Ltd and Director of Operations and Author Liaison at specialist futures publishing company, Fast Future Publishing LtdHe is an experienced Presenter, Strategist, Futures Analyst and Partnership Working Practitioner. 


As a Facilitator and Presenter with a relaxed and enthusiastic style, he prepares and delivers client presentations and workshops on the future of business and society, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies.


As Director of Operations and Author Liaison at Fast Future Publishing, he leads on the company’s publishing projects, liaising with multiple authors, managing the relationship between the company and the authors, and leading the edit / review process. Steve is Co-editor of The Future of Business – the publisher’s first book.


As an independent consultant he has worked with a range of clients across a number of different sectors including The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Association of Independent Tour Operators, Astra Zeneca, EU Directorate General for Communications Networks Content and Technology, Harman International Industries, International Legal Technology Association, National Health Service (UK), Pfizer, Premier Media Group, and UK Government Department of Business Innovation & Skills.


Steve’s professional background is in finance, marketing, strategy and strategic planning, partnership development, futures research and analysis, publishing and facilitation.


Steve has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. His most recent roles were as an internal consultant in Partnership Development and Strategy Development at Pfizer in the UK. As Partnership Development Manager he was responsible for developing commercial partnerships with NHS organisations and supporting the development of colleague capability in partnering. In his role as Strategic Development Manager he led a variety of projects including introducing new approaches to environmental scanning, strategic intelligence work and strategy development.

Steve has presented on strategy development and horizon scanning at various cross-industry conferences, business schools and NHS organisations.

Our Approach to Client Work

We believe in taking time to understand our clients’ needs and the organisational context in order to develop the best approach possible. Where practical we seek to co-create an innovative bespoke solution designed to be flexible and responsive to our client’s needs.

Our philosophy is to:
  • Pay attention to (and not ignore) the realities of a complex and uncertain world;
  • View constructive challenge as an essential ingredient of our work;
  • Encourage broad engagement with all stakeholders to exploit different perspectives;
  • Focus on amplifying existing good practice;
  • Integrate thinking and doing into our ways of working; and
  • Consider how we will build client capability development into assignments and projects.

Operating Policies

We take our responsibilities as a business seriously and actively pursue environmental and health and safety policies.

Our Environmental Policy

As a small business, making a difference to the environment can seem an unlikely goal. But we do believe that we can do things that contribute positively to minimising our impact on the environment. In fact, we believe that there are cost, efficiency and effectiveness benefits to paying attention to working in ways that minimise our environmental impact footprint.

Our key focus areas are:
  • Using public transport wherever practical;
  • When public transport is not an option, use a diesel powered low emission vehicle;
  • Printing documents double-sided wherever practical;
  • Minimal use of coloured inks wherever possible;
  • Shredding confidential documents and recycling;
  • Re-cycling other waste in line with local authority guidelines;
  • Use of technology to share information wherever appropriate; and
  • Installation and use of energy efficient lighting.
Health and Safety Policy

While as a small business we are not required to produce a written Health and Safety Policy, it is the intention of Informing Choices Ltd to make working for and with the company as safe as possible. This goal is equally applicable to all people, whether working for the company as an employee, as an associate or under sub-contracting arrangements. We believe that effective management of health and safety is vital to employee well-being; has a role to play in enhancing the reputation of businesses; and is financially beneficial to business.

Our focus areas are:
  • The office;
  • At client premises and other off-site locations; and
  • Travelling
In the office we ensure:
  • Comfortable and appropriate work station equipment;
  • We take regular breaks particularly when working extensively with a computer;
  • All cabling is maintained safely to avoid electrical and trip hazards; and
  • There is adequate heating and lighting available.
At client premises and other off-site locations we:
  • Make time to understand the health and safety procedures; and
  • Check for escape routes.
When travelling, we advocate:
  • Leaving enough time to complete the journey in safety; and
  • Planning the route in advance of the journey.
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