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Steve Wells advises global clients on the transformative potential of disruptive technologies, how brands can leverage them to create distinctive identities in a fast changing world, and drive exponential growth and improvement. He has a particular focus on the new models of leadership, collaboration, and innovation required to sustain and differentiate brands in a rapidly changing reality.



Steve is an experienced international speaker, futurist, strategist, and facilitator. He prepares and delivers thought provoking client keynote presentations, executive education seminars, and strategic foresight to clients and event delegates on the future of life, business, and society with a particular focus on how we enable a very human future.


He helps clients understand the key future factors driving innovation, growth, and disruptive change, highlighting the new thinking and business models being enabled by exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality, 3D and 4D printing, the Internet of Things, and hyper-connectivity. He explores the mind-set shifts and leadership capabilities required to compete in the emerging future in order to help clients and delegates make informed choices on the potential impact of emerging technologies.


Steve is a co-editor and a contributing author for The Future of Business, Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, The Future Reinvented – Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World, Opportunity at the Edge - Change, Challenge, and Transformation on the Path to 2025, and Aftershocks and Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future.


He is a regular contributor to the BBC appearing on live national and regional radio and TV broadcasts, live broadcasts with other national radio broadcasters, and on various podcasts and on-line events to discuss the role of emerging technologies in the future of life, society, and business.


Steve has previously worked as COO at Fast Future (a firm specialising in futures work and foresight), as an independent Strategy Consultant and Foresight Researcher, and as a Strategy Development Manager in Pfizer Inc.’s UK business where he worked across C-suite and senior manager level to lead and facilitate the company’s strategic planning process.



A Very Human Future - explores the drivers of future change and the domains of action required to help ensure we enrich humanity in a digitized world, rather than succumb to technology. In this keynote, Steve examines the mind-set shifts required to focus on new ideas of leadership, education and training, the world of work, new ideas of investment for business and society more broadly, and how we should focus on paying greater attention to the needs of people.


Exponential Technology Enabling a Reinvented Future - considers the pace and scale of technological development and the potential impact it could have on life, society and business. Using a number of case examples of technologies changing existing industries together with the second and third order effects, Steve explores the opportunities presented by new science and technology developments that allow us to reimagine the future.


Global Megatrends and the Future of Business, Work, and the Workplace - focuses on the critical future change drivers that are already impacting our world. Steve makes the case for adopting new mind-sets, underscores the importance of change, and the context for new ideas on leadership in order to take organisations through the digital transition.


Sustainability is Here to Stay - explores the potential impact of the wider adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to promote prosperity while protecting the environment. Steve explores how technological change and evolving political and regulatory mind-sets might create a new landscape for commercial success with social responsibility.


Going Beyond Genuine Stupidity to Ensure AI Serves Humanity - considers the growth in artificial intelligence applications and expectations at how the technology will evolve. Steve explores the implications for business and society including how human futures can be reimagined, how new societal structures may emerge, and the challenges and opportunities for government and business.


Two Worlds Collide focuses on the transition from an analogue world where we experience and focus on physical products, goods, services, and adopt a traditional perspective on value and asset ownership; to a digital world where we free ourselves from the physical perspective on value and focus on data, information, and what digitization can help us achieve, and the societal trends it is driving.


Collaboration and Partnership Working - looks at why collaboraiton is increasingly seen as a critical enabler of addressing the opportunities in a rapidly emerging future. In this keynote, Steve explores the nature of collaboration, when and when not to partner, how to assess the potential of a partnership, and the enablers and hurdles of successful collaboration. He shares a number of tools and approaches to support collaborative working and draws on his own experience and research.


Caty Batten - Head of Partnerships, Peter Jones Foundation

 “What can I say? You were absolutely brilliant on the panel thank you so much! I'm so happy we were able to have Fast Future represented as you contributed such a critical piece to the conversation. No doubt you were swamped afterwards.


“We are so grateful for your generous and expert participation and hope you also enjoyed the evening.”


Mirza Atif Baig – Project Manager, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

 “Steve did an amazing job at the International Technology Conference 2018 at Microsoft on 3rd May as the Opening Keynote Speaker. His talk on 'The UK’s Future Industries: Tapping the Engines of Futurism, Science, Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship' set the scene for the day providing an overview of the emerging opportunities for the UK emerging from science and technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and visionary thinking about the future. Looking forward to working together again.”


Nectaria Passarivakis - President & CEO, Economist Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta and SE Europe

 “I would like to warmly thank you for your honourable participation as a keynote speaker in our recent special Economist event entitled "A World in Transition: The New Jobs - The New Skills" which took place on March 9th, 2018 at The Athens Concert Hall.


“Your participation undoubtedly contributed significantly to the conference success and your speech was met with great enthusiasm by our distinguished audience of Government representatives, heads of international institutions, prominent businessmen, diplomats and academics who came together for this open and fruitful dialogue.”


Chris Crauford - Head of Commercial Planning, Heathrow Airport

 “Steve, many thanks again for a great presentation earlier.  It definitely got people thinking and provoked some good conversation.”


Frane Šesnić - Zagreb Forum Chairman

 “Steve Wells was a guest speaker at the 5th Zagreb Forum international conference. Mr. Wells’ talk touched upon the topics of future, disruptive change and uncertainty all the while weaving together human connectivity and technological development.


“Mr. Wells is a dynamic and energizing speaker who kept our audience engaged throughout the session while providing thought-provoking material coupled with relevant examples.”


Rachel Brushfield - CIPD, Thames Valley

 “Steve did a 30 minute presentation at a CIPD Thames Valley half day Career Conference in Reading, UK on 11 October 2017 to an audience of HR professionals, both employed and self-employed.


“Steve is very knowledgeable about his fascinating expert topic of global trends affecting both businesses and individuals and brings the topic to life by speaking with passion in an engaging way with the audience, and using the right blend of impactful images and words to get his point across. He answers questions from the audience in a clear and down to earth way. If you are looking for an approachable yet informed speaker on the topic of trends, Steve is your man.”



Aftershocks and Opportunities—Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future (ISBN 978-1-9999311-6-2) Published 2020 - Co-editor and Contributing Author


Opportunity at the Edge - Change, Challenge, and Transformation on the Path to 2025 (ISBN 978-1-9999311-2-4) - Co-editor and Contributing Author


A Very Human Future—Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World (ISBN 978-1-9999311-3-1) Published 2018 - Contributing Author


The Future ReinventedReimagining Life, Society, and Business (ISBN 978-0-9932958-9-8) Published 2018 - Contributing Author


Beyond Genuine StupidityEnsuring AI Serves Humanity (ISBN 978-0-9932958-7-4)

Published 2017 - Contributing Author


The Future of Business (ISBN 978-0-9932958-0-5) Published 2015 - Co-editor and Contributing Author



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