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Informing Choices Mini-Pod Podcast

The Informing Choices Mini-Pod is a podcast series designed to explore different aspects of the emerging future across different domains. Each episode is around 15-20 minutes long and features expert guests from around the world sharing their perspective on how the future could play out. You can catch all episodes and subscribe so you never miss an episode on the following platforms:






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Curated Foresight Content

We regularly publish articles, podcasts, and other curated content exploring trends, drivers, developments, ideas, and scenarios to help you make informed choices about your future. You can find all published material here.


Trend Radar

Working in partnership with Helsinki based FIBRES on Line, we have used their intelligent foresight platform to build a Trend Radar to explore many of the trends, drivers, developments, ideas, and scenarios driving exponential change. Click here to see the Trend Radar.


Informing Choices YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel includes a range of videos exploring different aspects of the future through keynote presentations and interviews.


Click here for keynote presentations.

Click here for interviews.


FIBRES Collaborative Foresight Platform

FIBRES is an easy-to-use foresight tool for collecting signals, making sense of future topics, and sharing those insights with colleagues. Underpinned by artificial intelligence that draws connections between the foresight findings you have identified, the platform provides a number of analytical tools that support your effort in collaborative and continuous foresight. Find out more about the application here.


UK Government Futures Toolkit

The Futures Toolkit provides a set of tools and techniques to primarily help government officials - policy officials and analysts - use long-term strategic thinking in policy making.


The toolkit summarises what futures thinking is, how it can be used in policy making, and describes a series of tools that can be used by policy makers to manage in uncertainty and identify future actions. The tools vary in the expertise needed to use them, with tools for beginners through to tools for experts. Experts from government and industry have contributed to its development and have provided case studies to illustrate the tools.


Click here for more detail and to get a copy of the toolkit.


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