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Informing Choices helps you and your organisation become Future-Ready.


As an insights business specialising in foresight, all of our work is designed to help individuals and organisations make informed choices now about the emerging future to make you future-ready.


How do we do that? We work with trends, drivers, developments, ideas, and scenarios to create insights through delivering thought-provoking speeches and presentations, executive education events, and conducting horizon scanning studies.


For more information email us at steve@informingchoices.com.

Informing Choices Mini-Pod

Tune in to our latest podcast looking into the future across a range of crucial domains with our amazing international guests! Find out about the latest podcast episode and look back at previous episodes!

Trend Radar

Do you want to be “future ready”? Powered by FIBRES, my new trend radar explores a broad range of trends, drivers, and weaker signals to provide insight into the future of life, society, and business. 

Book Store

Check out and buy books to which Steve Wells has contributed as an author and co-editor. Each title addresses a different perspective of the future.

Foresight Program

Our flagship Foresight for a Reinvented Future executive education program is designed for leaders with an interest in, and need to make sense of the emerging future. 

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