Horizon scanning is the systematic investigation of future trends, developments, innovations, possibilities, weak signals, and wild cards to help organisations prepare for potential future opportunities and threats so that they can make informed decisions in the present that contribute to future readiness. 


Scans can be broad macro studies or tailored to a particular market segment. They might also include the development of a taxonomy of themes, trends and underlying drivers to help an organisation develop a shared language about the different elements of the analysis.


Bespoke study design and insight sessions support the client organisation in making sense of the implications of the findings for both the client and client’s stakeholders.

Continuous Foresight Underpins my own Research

I am very active in conducting continuous foresight research through the deployment of a FIBRES Trend Radar and an off-line futures database.


My podcast series is designed to provide insight to how we make sense of a radically different tomorrow by exploring "the future of..." different topics. With my domain expert guests from around the world, I explore the challenges and opportunities in our rapidly evolving future.


To discuss your needs and for more information about bespoke foresight workshops including fees and my availability, email me at steve@stevewells.uk

I have conducted trend analysis and horizon scanning for the following organisations (partial list):

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Astra Zeneca UK

Bayer UK

EU Directorate General for Communications Networks Content and Technology

FraAlliance GmbH, Germany

International Legal Technology Association

Pfizer Ireland


Sky UK


Novartis (Vaccines)


Image Credits: OpenAI DALL-E

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